Tuesday 22 October 2019

Day 11 - Last day in Shanghai

On the 22nd of October the wake-up call was organised for 7:30 am with an 8:30 meet time in the lobby, after which we took a normal and boring 1 hour ride to the science and technology museum in Shanghai. Huang Lao shi and I wanted to watch a 20 min 4D movie named “panda go wild” and weren’t able to buy tickets as we needed WePay (a special Chinese paying system). So we asked a fellow tourist (a Chinese man) to help us book the tickets and sadly they were booked out. 

After this we went to an illusion tech based invention sector where Huang Lao shi tried the floating bike and we tried many different games. Then we had run out of time and went back to the meeting spot set by the tour guide. From there we got on the bus and traveled to the underground shopping mall which was an hour drive away. 

When we got there we went to the KFC and had lunch. There I ordered an ice cream float - when I got my order I sat down and took the lid off the float and tried eating the ice cream. The cup slipped and it fell all over my white shirt and shorts. Luckily I had spare clothes I could change into. Afterwards we went to shop around the fake / copied item stores. There we bargained a lot, for all sorts of items and got shouted at, as well as chased. One of us tried to bargain but started with a too high price and tried to go lower than the price they started at. This made the shopkeeper mad and he shouted at them “You joking price, get out my store, you bad girl, you bad girl”.

After the underground shopping mall we went to the oriental Pearl towers. Which was 30 mins away on bus. There we waited for the tour guide to gets tickets and in that time we took some photos out side the tower. Then we entered the tower and window shopped the expensive souvenir shops inside. After we lined up to take the lift to the 269th floor to the viewing deck where we took lots of photos and after 20 mins went down a level to the under viewing deck. Where the outer circle had a glass wall and floor and could see all the way down to the bottom. There we did the Nutbush on the glass floor and I got an ice cream. From there we went back to the bottom and looked around a small store called “Mumu So”. After we got on the bus we head to the restaurant for dinner. 

On our way there we ordered some very special bubble tea called “Hey Tea”.  As we were running early, we decided to go to the supermarket near by. There we bought lots of snacks for our planned journey the next day. After buying many snacks we went back to our meeting point where the tour guide had already got us our bubble tea. Then we had dinner at a very spiced restaurant made to look like an old Chinese village with cherry blossom trees. The restaurant's name was “an lian Tao Hua yuan” which means “love secretly in the Peach Blossom Valley”.There we had noodles, many types of chicken and pork, as well as many other dishes. From there we went to an acrobatic show which was 15 mins away.

When we got there we took more photos outside the arena. Then headed into the show and as it was called “ China’s No.1 circus world” it was amazing and spectacular so I won’t give any spoilers for people that come on the next trip. Then we headed back to our hotel and packed all our stuff ready for tomorrow and went to bed. 

Daksh Gupta 

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